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AXIOLOGIX INC (OTCMKTS:AXLX) Acquires International Money Management Inc. To …

AXIOLOGIX INC (OTCMKTS:AXLX) signed a definitive agreement to acquire a few assets of International Money Management Inc so that it could build up money transfer portfolio. AXIOLOGIX is one of the leading names in International Remittance and mobile payment space.

The Irvine CA-based International Money Management Inc. can prove to be a major asset for any company trying to make a mark in money transfer field. The transaction was subjected to a few condition, including AXIOLOGIX getting a total funding of $500,000.

Insights of Acquisition

It’s one of the best decisions made by AXIOLOGIX to build up its portfolio in money transfer vertical. All the parties interested in offering required funds to AXIOLOGIX gave their approval right away, which helped the company finish the transaction within a matter of three-four months from the day of the announcement.

IMM is mainly known for marketing a US issued prepaid debit card; that’s affiliated with a foreign debit card, which makes it easy to transfer money to a foreign country without any hassle. There are many people who belong to a foreign country, but work in US With this card, they cannot only transfer the money from one country to another country in a hassle-free way, but also save a significant amount of time and penalty charges.

People having IMM cards can pay their home country utility bills right from US without any interruption. They can also use this card in other overseas locations and make financial transactions.

Both AXIOLOGIX and Money Management Inc. have been conducting different due diligence procedures for a very long period to ensure that everything falls in line. The definitive agreement has been signed after getting good results in due diligence procedure. The agreement didn’t affect the Money Management Inc. management composition as no change was introduced after the execution.

Both of them will keep all the investors updated about any further update in this direction.


American Money Management Llc Equities Analysis

American Money Management Llc just filed its Q3 2015 13F. Dated 13/11/2015, the SEC filing reveals the institutional investor has a portfolio value of $105.84 million, representing a decrease of $12.47 million from the previous quarter when it was $118.31 million. Note: This filling reprents about 52.50% of American Money Management Llcs assets, which which are listed in the US.

EDITORIAL: Helping Young Adults Learn Money Management

by Nat Frothingham

Help appears to be on the way for schoolchildren, college students and young adults struggling to manage their money.

During the last session of the Vermont Legislature a bill was passed in both House and Senate and signed into law by Gov. Shumlin to establish a Vermont Financial Literacy Commission.

“Why yet another commission?” one might ask.

Well, it appears that high school and college students and young adults are struggling to manage their money at a time when intelligent money management could well be the difference between life success or failure.

As part of an introduction to the bill that establishes the new commission, we learn the following:

  • That according to a Schwab survey “…parents are nearly as uncomfortable talking to their children about money as they are discussing sex”
  • That only 10 percent of Vermont high schools have a financial literacy graduation requirement
  • That many Vermont college students leave college for “financial reasons”
  • That 63 percent of Vermont four-year college students that graduated in 2012 had a student loan debt that averaged $28,299
  • That Vermonters have an average credit card debt of $9,667

In short, when high school and college students graduate they are under- or ill-equipped to take control of their financial lives. They don’t know how credit works. They don’t know how to budget or how to save.

Little wonder that many of this generation’s young adults have higher unemployment rates than their parents’ generation and owe more money. And they are seldom either saving for a “rainy day” or saving for their retirement years.

It’s easy to establish a commission. It’s less easy to equip a generation with the skills of careful and intelligent money management. And this at a time when college tuitions have gone through the roof, when taxes and costs are high and when some politicians are crying out against “income inequality.”

HSBC slapped with EU for poor advice

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has accepted an enforceable undertaking (EU) from HSBC Bank for potentially delivering deficient advice to clients on retail structured products between January 2009 and March 2013.

Accountants rate high on ethics and honesty

The image of financial planners for ethics and honesty continues to remain low with only 27 per cent of the population rating them as high or very high, but it is up three percentage points from last year, Roy Morgan research showed.

Money management

This vocational subject is being received well as it aims to sensitise students at a young age about money management and financial planning.