Month: June 2016

Three Ways Crowdfunding Empowers Women & Minority Entrepreneurs

Minority firms were less likely to receive loans, more likely to be denied or not apply due to rejection fears, accessed lower average amounts of equity investments or internal debt plus they paid higher interest rates on the business loans when received.

Getting a handle on student loans

If you've just finished college and are heading to a new job, avoid the extremes. In other words, don't panic about your student loans, but don't ignore them either before locking yourself into huge expenses like rent and car payments. With so much

Analyst Notebook: RF (NYSE:RF)

The company?'s Consumer Bank segment provides consumer banking products and services related to residential first mortgages, home equity lines and loans, small business loans, indirect loans, consumer credit cards, and other consumer loans, as well as …

Why a business loan is better than liquidating your savings

Second, business loans need not be an expensive proposition. In fact, they may be cheaper than personal loans and you can get avail of a variety of business loans at attractive interest rates. Third, retaining your savings and opting for a business