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Business Loans Affiliate Program Featuring High Payouts Now Live On Popular …

New Brunswick, NJ A new, unique high-paying small business loans affiliate program offering high commissions to both online marketing professionals, as well as referral partners, is now offered on, a rapidly growing popular online lending platform, see here The program is unique in many ways including offering commission payments per generated qualified lead as well as payments for closed fundings. Also, a unique and unprecedented lifetime cookie, an affiliate marketing term referring to a means of online tracking, is offered setting this program far apart from most other affiliate programs in the industry.

The online lending platform connects flexible alternative financing lenders with business owners across the United States. The lenders available through the BizCapRX online system offer a diverse number of working capital financing options for small businesses and are filling a void left by well-publicized bank cutbacks in lending to small business borrowers.

The BizCapRX affiliate program is especially popular with professional online affiliate marketers as well as accountants, financial planners, lawyers and other professionals who can become referral partners or distributors.

Small businesses can apply for small business loans of up to $2 million using the BizCapRX online platform. Most industry types can qualify for funding using the service provided the business has been operational for twelve months or more. There are over 750 business industry categories that can successfully be accepted for funding including restaurants, beauty shops, bars and nightclubs, auto repair shops, retail stores, dentists, health services, grocery stores, transportation companies, chiropractic offices, child day care services, physical fitness facilities, special trade contractors such as plumbers and electricians, liquor stores and more. Online funding sources are becoming a welcomed financing alternative for thousands of small businesses owners across the United States. And, is emerging as a favorite in this space, as its popularity and online presence grows.

To learn more about the affiliate programs, referral program or distributorships visit where more information can be found on the company website.

Business owners seeking small business loans can get more information at

About is an automated online small business loan resource platform connecting small business owners with lenders. serves small business owners from all 50 states in over 750 industries and is based in New Brunswick, NJ.

Disclaimer/Disclosure provides an online small business finance referral-marketing platform affiliated with one or more specialty online alternative financing companies. These companies, and not, provide funding to businesses in the form of traditional small business loans, working capital loans, unsecured loans, revenue based loans, factoring as well as other alternative forms of financing as determined and offered by these 3rd party financing companies. is not a lender or funder and does not make credit decisions or funding decisions, does not interact with clients, and functions strictly as a marketing referral agent for 3rd party funding companies.

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Fund Manager of the Year 2016

Event Overview

The Money Management and Lonsec Fund Manager of the Year Awards is a well know, prestigious awards ceremony that recognises the achievements of the industries key players. 

The ceremony covers over 20 fund management categories where the finalists and winners are rated by Lonsec. Money Management and Super Review encompass other areas of the industry and award the Business Development Manager, Young Achiever, Paraplanner, Financial Planner of the Year and the Lifetime Achievement award.

Now into its 29th year the ceremony is truly a well-known and not to be missed event, attracting over 350 attendee’s night where all winners are announced.

To register your interest to attend this celebration of excellence please click here

Key Dates:

Merchant Cash Advance Business Loans Easy To Qualify For

As American Businesses Gravitate Towards Alternative Funding, Explains These Funding Sources and Programs


Business Loans in various alternative forms are being flocked to today by Americans businesses from Main Street to Wall Street. What are these non-traditional capital sources and how do they work?

Merchant Cash Advance

A Merchant Cash Advance is a form of receivable-based funding, as opposed to a traditional small business loan or grant. The benefits are plenty. With a typical Merchant cash advance, a business owner receives a lump sum of cash upfront, and the lender is repaid by claiming a percentage of their future credit and debit card sales.

The term is now commonly also used to describe a variety of small business financing options characterized by short payment terms (generally under 24 months) and small regular payments (typically paid each business day) as opposed to the larger monthly payments and longer payment terms associated with traditional bank loans.

Typical requirement include minimum 6 months in business and minimum $10k in monthly revenue. The term merchant cash advance may also be used to describe purchases of future credit card sales receivables, or short-term business loans. In short, a merchant cash advance puts significant working capital in the hands of a business owner in 24 hours or less.

Business loan providers have made it easier than ever for businesses to apply for and qualify for these loans which can typically range up to $1 million.

Pros of merchant cash advances

They?re quick. One of the biggest advantages of a merchant cash advance business loans is that the money can be obtained very quickly and completely online. MCA providers will look at a business?s daily credit card receipts to determine if they can repay the money.

Merchant cash advance business loans are unsecured loans, so collateral is not required. This means the business owner will not have to forfeit any personal assets (such as their home) or business assets if their sales plunge and they fail to repay.

A business loan grant on the other hand is a grant offered by the government. Unlike business loans, grants have the advantage of not having to be repaid. However, grant funding is generally restricted to very specific audiences.

The good news is that applying for a merchant cash advance business loan has never been easier.

Capitol Funding has a rapid and streamlined process for applying for and qualifying for business loans of all amounts. Visit them at:

Company Shares of On Deck Capital, Inc. (NYSE:ONDK) Rally 10.53%

Institutional Investors own 63.17% of On Deck Capital, Inc. shares.

On Deck Capital, Inc. (NYSE:ONDK): 12 Brokerage firm Analysts have agreed with the mean estimate for the short term price target of $17.33 in On Deck Capital, Inc. (NYSE:ONDK). However, the stock price could fluctuate by $ 4.59 from the estimate as it is suggested by the standard deviation reading. The higher estimate has been put at $25 price target with the lower price estimate is calculated at $10

On Deck Capital Inc is a United States-based financing network that offers financing to small businesses that do not meet the criteria for traditional bank loans. The Company uses data aggregation and electronic payment technology to evaluate the financial health of small and medium sized businesses. The OnDeck system also provides a critically needed mechanism for financial institutions and other business service providers to reach the Main Street small business market. It has offices in Kansas City and McLean Virginia. Its small business loans include dental loans, restaurant loans, medical financing, restaurant financing, fast small business loans, fast small business financing, online small business loans, online applications for small business loans, small business loans online, retail capital, fast small business financing, short-term business loans, business equipment financing, small business equipment financing and merchant cash advance.

Accenture buys money management consulting firm Beacon

Accenture (NYSE:ACN) has announced its third acquisition in six days. The target this time is Beacon Consulting Group, a Boston-based provider of consulting services to money managers.

Accenture: This acquisition significantly expands Accentures asset management consulting capabilities and enhances its ability to help global investment managers, institutional investors and asset servicers gain an edge in increasingly competitive markets.

Beacon Consulting will become part of Accentures Capital Markets practice, reinforcing its expertise and capabilities in asset management to help asset managers and other financial services companies design, build and operate their business.

FQ1 results arrive on Thursday morning.

Recent Accenture acquisitions

DeKalb blames company for excessive overhead, loan losses

About $941,000 in small business loans have gone uncollected by DeKalb Enterprise Business Corporation (DEBCO) over the last 15 years, said the county administrator who monitors the program. In addition, he said DEBCO’s operating expenses prevented it from helping more businesses than it did.

“Their business model and their inefficiency has been alarming,” said Allen Mitchell, the county’s interim director for the Community Development Department, during a committee meeting last month.

Among the loans handled by the company was $35,000 given to Interim DeKalb CEO Lee May in 2005, the year before he was elected to the county commission. May used the money toward opening an eight-screen Cinefe theater, but he later went into bankruptcy. He paid $8,500 of the loan before defaulting.

More consumers approved for car loans

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  • Consumers are getting approved for car loans in larger numbers than ever since the recession, according to Experian Automotives most recent State of the Automotive Finance Market report.

    The group found that auto loans reached their highest levels, $968 billion, in the 3rd quarter of 2015, a growth of more than 53% since their low in 2010 and a $98 billion increase over the previous year.

    Continued growth in the automotive finance market is a clear sign of improved consumer confidence over the past few years, said Melinda Zabritski, Experians senior director of automotive finance, in a news release.

    Super prime consumers get a bump

    The largest increase in new auto loans went to those buyers with the best credit scores, so-called super prime consumers, increasing 8.3% over last year.

    If youre thinking of shopping for a car, first check your credit score for free at myBankrate.

    Do you have a thin credit file?

    There also was good news for consumers with below average credit scores. Those in the subprime and nonprime categories experienced increases of 7.8% and 7.7%, respectively, showing its getting easier to obtain car loans.

    Consumers who were late on their car payments also declined in the 3rd quarter of 2015. Delinquencies of 30 days dropped from 2.7% to 2.5% compared to the same time period a year earlier, while 60-day delinquencies dropped slightly from 0.74% to 0.73%.

    Before you buy, fix your credit before seeking a car loan.

    Tara Baukus Mello writes the cars blog as well as the weekly Driving for Dollars column, providing both practical financial advice for consumers as well as insight into the latest developments in the automotive world. Follow her on Facebook here or on Twitter  @SheDrives.

    High School Students Get Crash Course In Money Management

    It may not be real life, but its as close to real life as you can get.

    Students at Belleville-Henderson Central School were given a monthly budget and checklist full of expenses during a money management simulation called Mad City Money.

    Not many classes actually show you what youre gonna have to deal with in the real world and this does, said Kylesha Ferguson, a participant.

    Students were sent out in the real world, having to budget for real world expenses like buying a house, paying for groceries, and providing for their children.

    The program is run by Cornell Cooperative Extension and its financial educator Christine Hoffman says teaching students how to budget money this way is a lot more effective.

    If you put them in a classroom lecture and talk to them about – youre gonna get glazed eyes and things of the sort and theyre gonna wander, but this is kinda fun because they have to go around and make their own choices about what they buy, how much money they save, how much they pay down on their debts and stuff like that and so its more memorable for them, she said.

    And school counselor Shaun Gagan says it teaches students something they might not normally learn in the classroom.

    Theres also the other side of how to pay bills, how to get a credit card, what to do once you have a credit card, how to pay off a loan, where to get a loan so those are some of the other softer skills that schools dont necessarily get to focus on, he said.

    And the students say the simulation taught them some very important life lessons.

    You actually have to budget your money and you cant blow it all on the most expensive prettiest thing, you have to plan ahead, said Ferguson.

    Planning ahead – its something everyone must do whether youre a real adult or just pretending to be one before second period.

    Money management

    Approximately 92 percent of seniors have at least one chronic condition and 77 percent have two or more such conditions.  

    When you#x2019;re relying on a precise income and your health care needs change, it can become extremely difficult to remain financially stable. Therefore, creating and following a budget is vital or you may find yourself in a serious financial crisis.

    The older you get, the more likely your health needs will change and undoubtedly cost a lot more. Moreover, these new expenses can arrive overnight. It could be a change in prescriptions, a new diagnosis or a medical emergency, such as a broken hip or knee surgery. Of course, you may not have any way of knowing that you#x2019;ll encounter such a health-related expense, but you should be prepared for the strong likelihood.

    Money management concerns more than health costs though, and an extensive budget that addresses all personal and household expenses is beneficial. If you#x2019;re a senior, you should work with a loved one or seek outside help through daily money management services.

    People often don#x2019;t even realize the number of expenses they have. There are the personal ones, including insurance, rent/mortgage, debt, clothing and entertainment, as well as medical expenses of doctor bills, medications, hospitalizations and rehab. Then, there#x2019;s the household ones of groceries, utilities, home maintenance/repair and more.

    When you#x2019;re younger, it#x2019;s not uncommon to sway away from your budget, go into credit card debt and then try to make up for it later. That#x2019;s not a smart thing to do when you#x2019;re older as your budget is generally fixed and much tighter.

    While budgeting and living within your means makes sense regardless of age, it#x2019;s especially important for seniors. It helps them live as stress-free as possible.

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