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Financial Focus in a Time of Uncertainty

If youre a federal employee or contractor (or live with one), its likely that 2013 has been a tough year financially.

For starters, it was the third year in a row of a federal pay freeze. It also brought an increase in Social Security withholding, a hike in health insurance premiums for many people, and a decrease in the amount of money that could be sheltered from tax in a health care flexible spending account. Then came sequestration, leading to furlough days with no salary for many federal employees. Now we have more furloughs and ongoing uncertainty with the government shutdown. It appears theres no end in sight to the budget-cutting and belt-tightening. This means we need to tighten our belts at home as well.

The question is, how?

My colleagues and I at the National Institute of Transition Planning are trying to address these kinds of issues with a series of free webinars. The first, hosted by Karen Schaeffer, a certified financial planner, is on a timely topic: Top Ten Financial Planning Points for Furloughed Feds. Karen is the managing member and co-founder of Schaeffer Financial LLC, a financial consulting firm in suburban Washington.

Here are some of the financial planning tips outlined in the webinar:

Dont panic. This isnt the first government shutdown. Theyve happened 16 times in the past 37 years. Panic is a natural response for many in any emergency situation, but it rarely helps. Use the adrenaline to regroup and assess your finances.

Focus on cash flow. Karen walks you through a simple spreadsheet to see your income and outgo in simple terms. Come to terms with wants and needs. It might be time to get thrifty.

Be proactive with creditors. Are you drowning in debt? There are ways to consolidate and get help with consumer credit. Loans are available if you need them.

Explore lines of credit. If you need money to get through a financial crisis, here are some tips on where to find it.

Loans are better than cashing out your retirement account. The turnaround time on a Thrift Savings Plan loan is five days or less as long as the funds are transferred electronically. You pay yourself back the money and sometimes youre paying back higher interest then you would have received.

Cut back on contributions. As much as a financial adviser hates to recommend cutting back on retirement savings, you might be able to free up some money for a brief shortfall by reducing your TSP contributions — temporarily. But try to maintain your agency matching contributions.

Know what other assets you can use. These include savings bonds and the cash value of a life insurance policy. Instead of a TSP loan, you might qualify for a hardship withdrawal. But remember, you wont be able to replenish your withdrawal and are restricted from any contributions for six months following the withdrawal.

Rethink your short-term allocations. Keep your short-term money (funds you will need in the next five years) out of the stock market. Other options for the money include bank accounts, CDs, money market funds and short term Treasury obligations. Even with one week of lost pay, you might need to change some long-term allocations to short-term allocations.

Stay focused. If you need to make short term adjustments to endure the tough year, be sure to get back on track as soon as possible. You may need to adjust your long-term retirement goals.

No Credit Check Car Loans In USA; Car Buying Easy As Walk On Cake

Nowadays it is not impossible to buy a new or old car even if one has a less than desirable credit record. The main reason for such a statement is the fact that there is a surfeit of lenders who are willing to provide acar loan with no credit check. The best part of these loans is that the terms of repayment can be fixed and changed later on as per the convenience of the borrowers. The rates of interest of repaying these loans are pretty good as well and are mostly created keeping in mind the financial capabilities of the borrowers.

This consists of obtain below pay out the following car lots, retailers that In .finance poor credit and internally funding. Generally, everyone can meet the criteria for the no credit check car loans. Most car dealers need just your evidence of work, regular monthly pay out slip, or any other normal payments on other bills or balances.

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There are plenty of websites nowadays as well that help interested buyers to find lenders who are willing to deal incar loans with no credit checkby providing the latest information regarding them. The process of application in these companies is pretty convenient, user friendly and has very little or no negative problems. Quite often people compare zero credit to bad credit but that is the grave mistake. However, there are a few things that one should know if one is gunning to get these loans at bad credit. The first thing is that you may get the loan without credit check but if your credit is poor then you may have to pay rates of interest that are higher than what is paid by people who have good credit records.

The car sellers will their very own foibles. Theyre going to offer a high price and rate of interest as compared to regular car funding simply because they know that youve no other choices. Due to the fact, this really is among you and the car dealer, this no credit check auto loans will not assist restore your credit historical past. Obtaining a car loan can be produced withno credit check car loanoffered by car retailers within this economic decline. If you show an excellent personality with fantastic employment history and get standard cash flow along with offer security, you are able to now purchase a new car handily with less be concerned

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As far as anauto loan no credit checkwith bad credit facilities will be offered to people who have a record of missing their debt payments altogether or just paying it later than what is the due time. In case someone is looking for these loans it is better to provide the lender with the details of the bank where he or she have a checking account.

Theauto loans for no creditare great when it comes to building one?s credit record from scratch. However, for that to happen the borrower needs to make the payment at the proper time and make sure that not a single payment is missed. For more information on these loans please look

Private Party Car Loans with Bad Credit History Have Lot More Feasible Options

Private Party Car Loans with Bad Credit History Have Lot More Feasible Options

Its easier to obtain private party car loans with bad credit history by using the internet for advantage. While going online, it may be possible to locate lenders that offer such types of car finances to even those borrowers who have bad credit. However, so to qualify for the lowest interest rate, one may have to find few important guidelines.

Capital Financial Services Group Launches Increased Efforts to Provide …

Trenton, NJ — (SBWIRE) — 10/08/2013 — Due to crises brought on by the recent economic recession, public and private lending institutions have placed more stringent restraints on their lending policies. Though these actions have produced countless hardships for the entire nation, the hardest hit seems to be the small business sector. Despite statistics from the Small Business Administration indicating companies with fewer than 500 employees provide more than 65 percent of Americas employment opportunities, even those in excellent credit standing are finding it difficult to acquire loans for expansion. With this in mind, Capital Financial Services Group has launched increased efforts to provide cash advances and bad credit business loans to deserving companies.

Yury Iofe of Capital Financial Services Group declared, We have helped countless business owners acquire the funding they need. We represent a variety of clients, from those hoping to start their own business to those in the late stages of company ownership hoping to prevent foreclosure. We realize no business, regardless of its size or nature, can survive without additional funding to fall back on from time to time. Our company was created for this very purpose; we are here to help them.

Based on industry data, a small business loan is defined as one amounting to $1 million or less. Potential business owners often require funding such as this to start their own company. These funds typically cover basic equipment, procurement of office space, advertising, employee recruitment and training and other start-up essentials. Once the business takes off, the owner is able to pay back the loan and operate successfully on his own merit.

If successful, the time will arrive when a business needs to upgrade and expand. New equipment and larger operating space must be leased or purchased to allow for expansion. When adding new products or services to their business summary, new marketing campaigns must be created to promote these endeavors without affecting other financial components such as payroll. Owners may turn to a business cash advance for the solution.

Since traditional lenders are becoming more hesitant regarding doling out business loans, acquiring the necessary funding to start a new business or expand an existing one can be arduous. For businesses on the verge of collapse due to past financial difficulties, such a task can be virtually impossible. Few cash advance lenders offer funding to those with a less than perfect credit history. Iofe noted Capital Financial Services Group holds a number of connections, greatly increasing the ability of companies with bad credit to acquire a loan.

Concluded Iofe, We examine every aspect of our clients companies to create a unique perspective as a starting point for our lending considerations. This makes it possible for us to offer fast, affordable financing when other institutions would be unable, or unwilling, to do so. We can provide unsecured business loans of up to $35,000 and secured loans of up to $600,000. In many cases, we are able to offer unsecured loan approval in as little as 24 hours.

About Capital Financial Services Group
As a leading provider of business cash advances and bad credit business loans, Capital Financial Services Group assists businesses with all their financial needs. They specialize in helping companies during any stage of operation at their most stressful times.

NY credit unions report spike in biz loans

By the end of June, business loans comprised 14.3 percent of all loans at New York state credit unions, more than double the national average of 6.2 percent, according to a new report.

In general, business loans at the state’s credit unions grew 14.4 percent during the second quarter of the year, the New York Credit Union Performance Trends Report said. The increase contributed to $9.1 billion in total loan originations, up 7.7 percent over the first half of 2012.

The report published by the Credit Union Association of New York in partnership with Callahan Associates Inc. said that New York’s credit unions “continue to outpace national averages” when it comes to growth in assets, shares, memberships and loans.

Share, or deposit, balances grew by 5.9 percent, for a total of $56.2 billion as of June 30.

The average member relationship — including shares and loans and excluding member business loans — rose to $17,710 for the quarter.

Capital levels totaled 10.8 percent of assets.

There are about 100 credit unions in the Buffalo, Niagara and Jamestown areas. Cornerstone Community Federal Credit Union, based in Niagara County, is the largest.

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Kotak Bank cuts interest rates on home, car loans

After public sector banks, it is now the turn of private sector lenders to cut interest rates. Kotak Mahindra Bank cut interest rates on its retail loan products for the festival season.

The bank slashed its home loan rates by 13-20 basis points (bps), while the interest rate on car loans was cut by 25 bps. Kotak does not publish a definite card rate but both the loans range in the 10.50 to 11 per cent range, a bank official said. One bps is a hundredth of a percentage point.

During the first quarter ending June 30, car loans grew 17 per cent year-on-year at Rs 13,055 crore (from Rs 11,154 crore in the April-June quarter in 2012).

According to the Kotak official, this fiscal year so far, the overall retail growth has been slow. In the second half of FY14, we expect the growth to be at around 15-20 per cent, the official added.

Kotak Mahindra Bank’s retail loan grew 16 per cent in the fiscal year 2012-13.

In the first quarter, the retail loan portfolio of the bank grew 15 per cent to Rs 24,430 crore as on June 31, 2013.

Hyderabad bureau reports: Andhra Bank has reduced interest rates on retail loans.

According to a press release, the interests rates are 10.75 per cent (for car loans), 11.25 per cent (two-wheeler loans), 10.25 -10.50 per cent (home loans), 12.25 per cent (consumer loans) and 14.25 per cent (clean loans). The processing fee on these loans has also been waived up to January 31, the release said.

PayPal Offers Small Business Merchants Flat Fee Loans

Pioneer of online financial transactions, PayPal, has enhanced its offerings to SMBs in the past year to include its mobile payment system, PayPal Here, in the US and UK. It is also allowing its customers to pay at the register at millions of merchants via its partnership with Discover, and its new PayPal Beacon promises to revolutionize shopping by allowing its customers to pay for goods at participating stores virtually hands-free.

The company that has helped many small businesses get online shopping off the ground with its simple payment system is now offering small business loans. Unlike some types of business financing, PayPal says its PayPal Working Capital loans are easy to comprehend and relatively inexpensive.

Aimed at small business merchants, the loans charge only a flat fee. Its customers can borrow up to 8 percent of their annual PayPal revenue, up to $20,000. And repayment of the loan is handled through the extraction of 10 to 30 percent of the business daily PayPal sales by PayPal.

According to a Bloomberg Businessweek article, Darrell Esch, a PayPal executive, says that the companys confidence in its ability to assess borrowers allows it to provide such a low loan rate to its merchants:

How to Get Car Loans for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy at Lower APR

How to Get Car Loans for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy at Lower APR

Not everyone has cash lying around in their bank account to pay off for a brand new car, or even a used one for that matter of fact. Most people need to attain car loans after chapter 7 bankruptcy so that they can attain the basic necessity of life, of owning a car for their day to day chores. Its almost impossible to get everything done if one sticks to public transport, not the mention the comfort that a car provides.

Obtain Car Loans for Military Veterans with Poor Credit at Affordable Rates

Alpine, TX — (SBWIRE) — 09/23/2013 — National service force has many benefits and perks. Military personnel are benefitted by many ways and one of them is through car loans. There are special auto loans for military veterans available at low rates. Any member of the military force can take advantage of this auto loan and get the benefits. These loans are available at extremely low rates and a long payback time. The reason behind this is, military personnel are mostly posted nationally and internationally at different location and thus it’s difficult for them to pay their loans on time. Thus they are given special loans that can help them to get a car easily.

Get Guaranteed Approval On Car Loan for Military Veterans!

Military car loan basics: Military auto loans are the loans tailor-made for the people serving in the military. These loans are usually available at low rates as compared to other loans and come with no prepayment penalty and 100% financing option.

How to get car loans for military veterans?

The basic thing necessary to get this auto loan is to have a valid proof of a family member actively serving the military. There is no time limit set, if the person is active in military at present, he can get access to the loan. For those who are inactive, they can take advantage of the military veteran’s loan. Military auto loans are easy to get than the ordinary auto loans in the market and the reason behind this is there are many lenders that help the military people in getting this loan.

Several online companies also provide these loans to the military people and their family. Thus people, who need this loan, can search online and get the data. They can even compare the military auto loan quotes and choose the lowest rate deal of all. Thus the entire process of securing the military veteran car loan is simple and easy. The borrower just needs to fill the application form with few personal details to get eligible for the loans.

Mostly all the members of the family can get car loans for military veterans. These loans are offered at low rates and they come with long repayment terms. Thus the loaner can save the money in the long time and improve his financial condition too. Some companies also provide special insurance premiums for the military people; these premiums have lower rates as compared to those designed for the civilians.

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